Myth-busting is one of Sara Tova Best’s favorite pastimes. 

Armed with the revolutionary concepts of Chassidus and Kabbalistic thought, a sense of humor, and well-honed coaching and healing  skills, she is devoted to helping women worldwide upgrade their life perspective and lifeskills,. 

In plain language this means, a deeper view ‘from Above’ brought down into our kitchens, our parking-spot challenges, and of course the big-R, relationships. 

As a certified E.F.T. practitioner (*Emotional Freedom techniques), coupled with her speaking, teaching and writing skills, she has created a powerful blend of spiritually-based mind-body healing…  that helps us expand our horizons, while becoming more grounded and more joyful. 

(OhrPnimi) in memory of Eliyahu ben Gedalia, Miriam bas Leib and Toiba bas Eliyahu ob”m Fraiberg